Author Topic: What the hell is "Kipanga" ?  (Read 1434 times)

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What the hell is "Kipanga" ?
« on: January 06, 2018, 01:33:01 AM »
Kipanga is the Name for a brand new version of the old, well known WebsiteBaker - CMS.

The name Kipanga is the expression for 'Falcon' in suaheli language. It describes the qualities of the new system:
  • fast
  • slim
  • secure
  • modular
  • dynamic
  • … and so easy to use.
Kipanga is definitely not just another fork of WebsiteBaker. Kipanga is the official progression with all code rewritten from the scratch.
  • For Beginners:
    The default mode of Kipanga has a very simple and intuitive interface that is easy to use even by inexperienced users.
  • For experienced Webmasters:
    Enabling the expert mode will show you a bunch of additional new possibilities and functions.
  • For Programmers:
    Creating new addons is very easy and fast since many basic functions are already provided by the core. A programmer only needs to know the core API and does not need to understand all the details of the core.
  • For Designers:
    Due to the strict separation of program and display the designers can determine the appearance of their side absolutely freely themselves. They can decide whether and which template engine to use. By default, Kipanga provides an adapter for Twig®. Later, adapters for Smarty®, plain PHP and others will follow. There is no mandatory binding to any dedicated JScript or CSS framework. For CSS Kipanga offers an additional, integrable and cached OnTheFly - LESS compiler too.
You see, Kipanga is nothing really new, but anything with lots of completely new components inside.

More about Kipanga and its features and possibilities you can find here in several more posts. Please, visit in addition also Kipanga Wiki and Kipanga Homepage.
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